How to store cashmere garments in summer

When summer comes around, you end up having to put away your winter clothes to leave room for blouses, vest tops and dresses in your wardrobe. So what tricks can you use to keep your cashmere garments looking their best until next winter? 


Wash and dry them carefully

First of all, you need to wash and dry the garments following the cashmere care instructions. Whether you decide to use the washing machine or wash by hand, remember to wash your sweater or cardigan inside out. Use warm water only, no more than 30 celsius degrees, add a small amount of mild detergent, don’t rub and don’t use the spin cycle. You can remove excess water by rolling up the garment or patting it with a towel.

Afterwards, iron it at a low temperature with a cloth on top of it if you can, so as not to damage the fibres, always keeping the garment inside out. Once washed and well-dried, you can pop your cashmere garment away in the wardrobe.

Let’s see how.


Tips for storing cashmere garments

At this point, your cashmere garment will be washed and ironed, but that’s not enough. It also needs to be folded properly if you want it to last over time.

So you should fold your garment in half lengthways, keeping the sleeves stretched out so they don’t crease. You can put some tissue paper in the middle to prevent moisture from damaging the fabric.

Once you’ve done this, put it in a canvas or plastic bag to protect it. You need to think about protecting it from moths. Add a couple of balls of cedar, sachets of cinnamon and cloves or cotton wall balls soaked in the essence of basil and mint to the bag.


Put the clothes back in the drawer, remember to change the moth-proof bags every 2 or 3 months and your cashmere clothes will be ready to wear again next winter.