How to wash cashmere: all the steps to follow

Raise your hand if you have never gone into a cold sweat at the idea of ​​washing your favourite high-necked jumper at home, let alone cashmere!

This guide is designed for all of you, if you follow each step well nothing will scare you, Let's wash.

First of all, welcome this small and unusual advice: so that the typical characteristics of a cashmere garment will remain unchanged, they should not be worn for several consecutive days or should at least go 24 hours between one wear and the next, so as not to stress the fibres too much and to slow down the appearance of pilling.

Pilling is that particular phenomenon that can lead to the formation of small irregular dots of fibres that are formed due to friction or friction mechanisms, and which are not to be considered as a sign of the lower quality of the cashmere, but as a natural consequence of its use, which can be prevented with good maintenance and care of the garment.

This is why it is necessary to take particular care in the maintenance of a cashmere sweater: from the washing phase to the drying phase. Only if you do this will it never shows signs of wear, preserving all its noble characteristics unaltered.


If by hand, do it in a basin of warm water in which you have dissolved a very small amount of mild wool detergent, neutral detergent, or a few drops of baby shampoo. Immerse only one garment at a time and in reverse, so as to ruin it as little as possible. Make sure all the water absorbs well: it is said that cashmere is a living fibre and a lover of water, and in fact its fibres are renewed with every wash.

Massage the shirt, pressing it gently, but absolutely avoid twisting, rubbing or stretching it to prevent it from felting. After that, rinse gently and patiently with running water - always warm - or replace the basin water until it becomes transparent again.

Warning: do not let the garment soak for more than 5 minutes, otherwise the detergent could ruin the fibres and disperse the colour!

Machine washing

Yes, cashmere garments can be washed in the washing machine. Beware, however, these precautions:

  • Put the garment inside out in the washing machine or, even better, in a special envelope for washing underwear.
  • Add a very small amount of mild wool detergent
  • Select a short programme for wool or delicate items with a temperature never above 30°C.
  • Don't set the spin cycle, otherwise, if possible, set it at low revolutions (400).


    After washing, roll out the sweater on a towel and gently roll it on itself to remove excess water.

    Then leave the garment to dry on a flat, horizontal surface, away from heat and sunlight



    If the washing has been done following the steps properly, ironing may not be necessary. In any case it is good to keep the garment on its back and use very low temperatures so as not to compromise the fibres. The maximum precaution requires either a shot of steam at a distance of 5 centimetres from the item, or a cotton cloth between the shirt on the reverse and the iron at low temperatures.

    Before folding the garment let it cool.



    Once the season of use is over, the cashmere garments must be washed and placed in a special protective bag and stored in a cool and dry place. The bags containing the items must be placed inside drawers or cabinets with adequate protection against moths.