3 gift ideas for Mother's Day

A mother never stops being a mother, as we know very well in Italy, so she deserves to be spoiled for Mother's Day!

Not only does she take care of us when we are children, but she also continues to stand by our sides once we become adults. What better occasion than Mother's Day to demonstrate to her all our gratitude and affection?


Be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that homewares may be the ideal gift choice to make Mum happy. Let us try to think of something unique and original to surprise her and make her happy. Clothing and accessories are always among the most popular product categories, along with thoughtful do-it-yourself gifts and wellness experiences.

The choice of gift

If we decide to opt for clothing, we should think of something that adheres to her tastes or a timeless classic.

In Italy, the celebration falls on the second Sunday of May, practically summer, but this doesn't mean we need only select a typically summery choice. Nothing is stopping us from choosing something wintery that Mum can easily show off next winter, or during the cooler summer evenings.

On the subject of timeless classics, cashmere is certainly synonymous with comfort, style and elegance and will always be a welcome gift: a solid-coloured scarf, a light silk-blend pashmina, a soft stole or a cable-knit poncho are all excellent options that Mum will surely meet with a positive response.

stola in cashmere del brand dalle piane cahsmere

Thoughtful do-it-yourself gifts are ideal to make her feel just how much we love and appreciate her. Of course, they require more effort and a certain amount of time and manual skills, but they allow you to indulge your imagination to create the perfect gift!

Wellness experiences are also very popular, allowing Mum to take care of herself for once, relaxing and recharging her batteries: admission to a spa, beauty treatments, a weekend at the spa, there are plenty of choices!

Whatever the final choice, the important thing is that Mum feels she is the focus of our love and attention!