Why you can wear cashmere during summer

Who says that it's too hot to wear cashmere in the summer? In fact, the thermoregulatory properties of cashmere fibres are able to keep us warm in winter while also helping us to stay cool in summer.

The qualities of cashmere

Cashmere fabric features properties that make it suitable even for the hottest months. 

Being a natural fabric, it's able to maintain consistent body temperature by allowing our skin to breath. The thermally insulating fibres absorb perspiration and expel it in the form of vapour, keeping us cool.

How to wear cashmere as part of our outfit

Wearing cashmere in summer can certainly be useful to those who choose to spend their holidays in the mountains. Temperatures are lower than in the cities and a sweater can be an essential garment on a rainy day or during the evening.

stole can help shield the shoulders and provide cosy protection against the cold, while an open cardigan is a simple and versatile garment suitable for any occasion. Never forget to pair some accessories with your outfit, to give an extra touch of style.

Those who have opted for a beach holiday need not relinquish the pleasure of wearing cashmere. An oversized pullover, for example, can easily be worn over your bathing suit during an aperitif on the beach or while you head home as the sun sets.

Cashmere is perfect for the most casual to the most elegant occasions, so don't be afraid to show off your most elegant and sophisticated side, even in summer.