How to wear a pashmina

The pashmina has become a real autumn-winter must-have item: it's warm, enveloping but not heavy, making it perfect for mid-season too.

"Pashmina" is the name of a particular type of cashmere wool, but in common usage it now means scarves and shawls made with this fine soft wool. Generally in pure cashmere, it can sometimes contain a percentage of silk or be made of cashmere fabric, very light to the touch but very warm at the same time.

Extremely versatile, practical and elegant, the pashmina is an accessory that's easy to combine with different styles and and can be worn even on the most important occasions.

There are many ways to wear it, from the most classic to the most imaginative. For an everyday look, you can fold it, wrap it around your neck and put the ends inside the scarf, or simply let it fall over your shoulders and tie it at the front.

You can wear it Parisian-style, without a knot, throwing one of the two ends over your shoulder. Otherwise, you can choose to wrap it round your neck twice and knot it at the side, or alternatively, fold it diagonally and wear it with the triangular tip on your chest.


For a more casual style, it can be twisted, while for a more elegant occasion it can be knotted on the chest and used as a shawl, to give that degree of style and extra elegance.

In short, the pashmina is a versatile accessory suitable for all occasions. Just choose the right colour and you're ready to go!