Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend

Color: Green

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The Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend is a versatile, elegant, and warm garment, perfect for winter days. Thanks to its handcrafted production made in Italy, the Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend by Dalle Piane Cashmere offers the utmost quality and softness of cashmere, a precious and durable fabric.

The braid on the Poncho's finishes adds a touch of originality and refinement to the garment's design, making it unique. Wearing it means showcasing a sophisticated and sophisticated look without compromising comfort and practicality.

The Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend by Dalle Piane Cashmere is available in different shades, perfect for every occasion and outfit. Thanks to its versatility, it can be worn with pants and jeans, as well as skirts and dresses.

The Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend by Dalle Piane Cashmere is the perfect accessory for women seeking quality and elegance in a single piece of clothing. Thanks to its handcrafted production, the Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend is a valuable work of art, ideal for those who love Italian fashion and the Made in Italy label.

Purchasing the Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend by Dalle Piane Cashmere means investing in a high-quality and durable piece of clothing. Thanks to its soft and resistant weaving, the Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend by Dalle Piane Cashmere is the ideal companion for the coldest and grayest winter days.


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Plaited Poncho Cashmere Blend
One size: Width 26,35 in - Length 30,30 in
Composition: 10% WS cashmere - 40% WO merinos extrafine - 25% VI viscose - 25% PM polyimide
Very comfortable and warm
Product with the traceability certified Tfashion 100% made in Italy

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There are five basic steps in cashmere production: harvesting, sorting, shearing and spinning.

Harvesting is performed manually with a comb during the animal's natural seasonal moult in late spring. Also the sorting and grading of the animal's hair are also always manual operations. After being sorted according to the various characteristics, the fibre is washed to remove dirt, grease and any remaining plant matter. Only after this step is the fibre ready to be spun into yarn.

At Dalle Piane Cashmere, we prefer two-ply yarns that ensure stability, resistance to washing and less pilling.


The process of creating a knitted fabric, known as knitting, is carried out on a rectilinear frame loom.

The resulting fabrics are left to settle for a day to regain their natural shrinkage following tension and elongation caused by the weaving process.



Assembly the stage in which the various parts of the garment are assembled: front, back, sleeves, edges and collars.

We use tools such as sewing machines, cutters and linking machines, which require highly specialised operators to guarantee an excellent level of quality of the finished garments


All our garments are washed mduring a phase known as 'fulling', which gives the garment the customary softness typical of cashmere.

The final ironing completes and enhances all previous operations. The garment is then bagged and ready to be sold.


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