The perfect suitcase for the mountains: 5 tips

Spending your summer holidays at high altitude is an excellent choice for those who want to find a little relaxation immersed in a fresh natural setting, away from the daily routine, with friends, family or as a couple. Excursions, outdoor activities and good food: all the ingredients for a perfect holiday are there. So all you have to do is pack and leave.

What to pack for a mountain holiday?

5 things you really should not forget


Hiking shoes

If you love hiking, you know that good shoes on the feet make the difference. In addition to having a waterproof upper and good sole, they must be comfortable, provide good postural support and fit the foot well. 

Mountain trousers

Trousers for hiking in the mountains must be very breathable, since the legs are the limbs that will be the most active.

For preference, choose trousers with many pockets, so you can have the most useful accessories, such as mobile phone, map, sunglasses and handkerchiefs (if they are fabric, use them as a bandana), to hand. If you really cannot choose between long or short trousers, choose those with a half-leg zip, so you can adjust the length according to your needs.



Rule No. 1 of the mountains is to dress like an onion, that is with layers. The best way to dress is: vest or t-shirt, shirt, jumper and windbreaker. Once you have reached your destination, the advice is to wear a shirt, to prevent any post-activity ailments and feel protected without having to wear a jumper.

A thin but warm jumper

Even in summer? Yes: from the peaks to the valleys, from day to night, the changes in temperature are noticeable. That's why you should not forget to put a warm jumper in your suitcase.


A pure cashmere jumper with a round neck proves to be an ideal piece of clothing for the mountain suitcase. A classic and simple garment that suits all occasions, the Dalle Piane Cashmere roundneck jumper is perfect to feel elegant even in the evening. Necklaces, earrings or bracelets, choose matching accessories and you're done!


In the mountains there may be rainy days. So you should not forget to put a good waterproof jacket in your backpack. Tips for choosing it? Front zip opening, with wide hood, pockets but not padded like ski jackets, it could be too hot. If you have a good jumper that keeps you warm, that's good enough to add to your onion clothing!


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