Our Cashmere Reigns in the United Kingdom

Dalle Piane Cashmere knows no borders, and has delighted customers all over the world. Now, we want to bring it to the United Kingdom, we've asked 5 bloggers who have tried our poncho how they've interpreted them in their own outfits.

Caterina 8319

Catherine is a successful instagrammer who is passionate about fashion and shopping. She's Italian, but she lives in England, and we've delighted her with a Made in Italy product: poncho-pink-cashmere-united-kingdom


"Unlike other cashmere items I've tried, the cashmere from Dalle Piane Cashmere cashmere is luxuriously soft and falls perfectly, however you wear it. It folds perfectly into a handbag, hence it's perfect for travel! "


 Jamie Rockers

Beauty, fashion & travel, these are the topics to be found in Beauty Rocks - Jamie's blog. Jamie has interpreted our ponchos in the best way, showing them to have great class as both a classic, but highly versatile garment. The Dalle Piane Cashmere poncho "is a timeless garment that will never go out of style, whatever the season".



Taylor is an interior design and lifestyle blogger. For her, the softness of our poncho was ideal for the typical ailments of the mid-season. Soft and silky, "you should wear it like you are floating in a sea of ​​dreams". Wow!




Soki is a London-based lifestyle blogger who is passionate about travel, beauty and her own city. For her, our poncho is an ideal item of clothing to move around the city, without being caught unprepared by the mild temperatures of northern Europe.


Sunset Desires

Lucy describes herself as a "fashion, travel & lifestyle Blogger from the UK". From the 16 colours available, she had chosen the yellow, new addition to the pure cashmere line. Let's face it: it’s charming!



Merry Musing

Stephanie is the founder of the Merry Musing blogs, where she talks about fashion and beauty. What's our poncho to you? The ideal accessory for the spring and autumn seasons!


And, if you had only 3 words available to you, how would you describe your Dalle Piane Cashmere poncho?