The Pashmina: An Essential Accessory

The word pashmina is commonly used to indicate a particularly refined type of cashmere shawl, but the actual term indicates the textile fibre obtained from the hair of Capra hircus goats. These goats live in Nepal, Pakistan and India, and their wool is used in the area to make hand-woven shawls. In fact, pashminas have been an extremely fine and elegant item of clothing ever since ancient times.

It is still used to make scarves, stoles and shawls today and has become increasingly popular in current fashion. The fact that it is light, warm and enveloping makes it ideal for both winter and mid-season. As understood in our common language, the pashmina is indeed a versatile accessory that can easily be worn with different styles and even on special occasions.

Our online store has two different models: a cashmere and silk pashmina and a cashmere fabric pashmina. Let's take a look at the differences.

Cashmere/silk pashmina

Handcrafted in our laboratory and made with the aid of the most modern technologies, without neglecting the manual aspects. This model is made of 70% cashmere and 30% silk.

It's a perfect accessory on cold days or for an elegant evening out, and adds comfort, practicality and refinement to any outfit. Available in multiple colours so you can combine it with different styles.

Cashmere fabric pashmina

The pure cashmere pashmina is different from the rest of the Delle Piane garments, in that it is made directly in the fabric, a manufacturing process that makes it possible to obtain an extremely light pashmina that is also warm and soft.

It's perfect for every season and an excellent gift idea. A quality product made with attention and care.