Colour trends for autumn/winter 2020/2021

Another cold season is approaching, which means it's time to find out which colours will dominate our wardrobe to keep in line with the latest trends.

This autumn/winter season will be dominated by two classic colours: blue and pink; along with colours that evoke the earth and nature, such as beigeyellow and green.


Blue is a classic colour that will continue to reign in our wardrobe in all its shades: from dark to lighter ones. A perfect colour to wear in contrast with black and white but that also goes well with classic jeans. Darker shades are suitable for the evening or in more elegant situations, while lighter shades are perfect for a casual look during the day.


Pink in every variant, a colour usually combined with spring, will find its raison d'être even during the cold season: from blush and peach pink for more elegant combinations, to stronger shades for a modern look.


A neutral colour par excellence, the elegance and refinement of beige never goes out of fashion. A colour that adapts to all outfits in a completely natural way and is perfect for all occasions.

If you wish, with a colour tending more towards brown, you can dare to obtain the elegance of a vintage flavour.


A colour that is primarily a springtime colour, which this winter will find new life and will bring a bit of warmth to the coldest and darkest days.


A colour that's a sure thing during the winter season. Green refers to the themes of nature and eco-sustainability, thereby confirming itself as a trendy colour in all its shades: from less bright and more muted greens to emerald green for a vintage flavour.

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