Is cashmere a luxury product? Yes, but affordable and sustainable!

Many people consider cashmere to be a luxury product and, consequently, not always affordable. However, we at Dalle Piane Cashmere want to make this highly prized material democratic and accessible to everyone!

You might be wondering:

"But how is it possible to keep prices low while guaranteeing quality?"

Quite simply, Dalle Piane Cashmere products are designed and made exclusively in our workshop from local yarns, for two reasons: keeping all the production phases in-house allows us to minutely control every detail and, at the same time, to keep costs down.

Buying raw materials from local producers and making only what is needed allows us to reduce waste, and better resource management is reflected in the price of our garments!

Accessibility and sustainability

What's more, the desire to start sustainable production inspired the creation of DP Recycled, the regenerated cashmere collection whose manufacturing process is inspired by the historic art of recycling fabrics in the textile district of Prato, in Tuscany.

This allows us to obtain yarn with a quality similar to virgin cashmere but with reduced use of energy, water and chemical resources.

What is the result? Quality garments with a smaller impact on the environment! In simple terms, this means: lower costs for us, lower prices for our customers and a deep breath of fresh air for our planet! 🌱

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