Which model of high-neck jumper to wear with jeans

Today we want to provide you with a guide which may be unusual but is certainly useful, because we believe it will save you a few minutes in the morning in front of the wardrobe!

It's easy: you choose the model of jeans, we advise you which high-neck jumper goes with it. Let's start!

High-waisted jeans and cardigans

This is a model of jeans that has come back into fashion in recent years and you would never believe it... it goes with everything! Yes, it emphasises the hip area but at the same time flattens the stomach. In short, it is a pair of jeans that enhances feminine curves, but if you're still not completely convinced, err on the side of caution by combining it with a wide cardigan. Warning: the bottom of the jumper must be much lower than the waist!


Baggy Jeans and Crewneck Jumper

Here is another model which is always loved in recent seasons: wide jeans, also called baggy jeans or boyfriend jeans. They are made in masculine-style denim and therefore they need a feminine touch to balance the look. What better than a choker, essential and always elegant?

Skinny jeans and Maxi Pull

Speaking of balance of shapes here is the model of high-neck jumper that best goes with skinny jeans: the Maxi Pull. If you love oversized sweaters but want to avoid the unkempt effect, tight trousers are the best choice. On the other hand, fashion is all a question of harmony!

Black Jeans and (Black) Turtleneck

With black jeans there is nothing more elegant than a colour block outfit: so grab your black turtleneck and nothing will stop you (yes, just like the energetic Eva Kent).

Does the turtleneck frighten you? Stick with us, soon we'll reveal some little tricks to wear it more easily.

And from which item of clothing do you start composing your outfit? What are your tips?