Valentine's Day: 3 outfit tips for the most romantic night of the year

Chocolates, red roses, hearts everywhere. The celebration for lovers is fast approaching and, amongst the gifts and the romantic dinners, one of the first things that comes to mind is: What will I wear?

Despite the season and the cool temperatures, you want to impress your partner and feel beautiful on this day more than any other. Here are our tips for an enchanting, elegant and hot looks that will not leave you in bed with a fever the next day!

1. For a candlelit dinner

An elegant skirt or trousers, with high-heels or ankle boots. To combine with a soft cashmere turtleneck, perfect for a broken-up look. For a man, certain decisions are always simpler. Leaving the tie at home, you can be elegant by combining a pair of trousers with a classic cashmere crewneck sweater. With or without a shirt!

2. For an evening of fun

In light of the couples so happy and in love, many singles decide to go out to
celebrate, be it for fun, in the hope of some good fortune thanks to the magic of
Valentine's Day, or so as not to spend the evening on the sofa Bridget Jones style. The advice for women is to combine a dress with a warm accessory like a cashmere stole. For men, a V-neck sweater in cashmere.

3. Accessories always make the difference!

As we said, it is mid-winter and we cannot go without covering up to protect
ourselves from the cold. But avoiding the Michelin Man effect simply means finding the right accessories! Thus, go wild wrapping up in colorful scarves, with knits that are different from the classic or the timeless poncho in cashmere perfect for every outfit and look.

Photo credit: Pinterest