Linen: the perfect fabric for this summer!

The arrival of warm, good weather now marks the beginning of the summer season. A season full of commitments and appointments: not only work and normal daily errands, but also holidays, walks in the open air or in the city centre, evening appointments for dinners and aperitifs outside.

Finding the right dress for every occasion can seem impossible. How can you combine practicality and elegance, maximum wearability and freshness, without forgetting style? The answer to all these characteristics is linen, a light, fresh, highly valuable and versatile yarn of vegetable origin. Linen is the star of the new Dalle Piane Cashmere collection: Dalle Piane Summer.


Characteristics of Linen

Linen has a very ancient history: the earliest evidence of its cultivation and use to make textiles dates back - according to certain attributions - to 8000 BC. The first civilisation to use it consistently and systematically were the Egyptians: linen was a noble yarn used by the wealthiest people and for embalming mummies.

Coming to the present day, linen continues to be a valuable fabric, used in men's and women's summer fashion for its natural lightness and breathability. That's why it is ideal for making the most of summer days and evenings, without ever forgetting about style. Speaking of style, linen is a stiff fibre, and it is precisely this characteristic that gives linen garments their typical crumpled look.

Being of completely vegetable origin, linen is a yarn that is good for the environment. In fact, its cultivation enriches the humus in the soil; moreover, it does not require artificial irrigation to grow, but only rainwater, and no pesticides are needed. On top of all this, it is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable. By buying linen garments, in short, you make an ethical and sustainable choice.


Dalle Piane Summer

After years of study and research, Dalle Piane Cashmere launched its first linen collection this summer. All the quality and craftsmanship that has always distinguished Dalle Piane Cashmere's garments and workmanship can be found in this collection: the linen is rigorously Made in Italy certified and processed with the best artisanal techniques to obtain a high-quality product, with attention to the smallest details as well as being long lasting.

Thanks to the Dalle Piane Summer assortment, you can create perfect summer outfits: many garments are in one size to ensure maximum fit and wearability for all sizes and body types.

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